We Come to You!
  • Your boat can stay at your dock until we are ready to attack the job, no boat graveyard here!
  • We have all the needed trailers and equipment to service or repair your boat, your trailer can stay in the woods with three flat tires!
  • We have high standards and so do you, let our OCD work for you!
  • Billing is done when the job is complete via emailed invoice with detailed notes on the work performed and a link to pay online.
  • Leave a voicemail with your cell phone number to get into our queue and we will text you back to confirm details.
  • No appointment required, We handle your boat while you are at work or on the golf course.
  • Home of the No Fingerprints Guarantee.

We Service and Repair these 2012 and newer Outboard Products

Repairs and Upgrades

Propeller repair

We offer reliable experience, and efficient service while providing onsite service wherever your boat may be. We provide engine water pump replacement, gear lube changes, gearcase rebuilds, tune-ups, spark plugs, carburetor rebuilds, propeller repair, fuel pump repair, hydraulic steering (repair or installation), tilt and trim, engine harness, control cables, battery and battery cable installation, electrical wiring, inverter installation, and switch panels.

Engine repairs
Changing engine oil and filter
Annual Maintenance
and Service
Spark plug replacement

If you need major repairs that are not possible where your boat is now, we will gladly trailer it out of the water to perform the necessary work to get it running again and back on the water. Our 100 Hour/Annual boat services include - Change oil and filter, change gear lube in the lower unit, change fuel filter(s) as equipped, change water separating fuel filter if equipped, change spark plugs, grease steering and tilt fittings, and remove prop to grease shaft and inspect for fishing line.

Detailing and 
Acid Washing
Acid washing a pontoon

M&W Mobile Marine has been providing our professional detailing services to the Lake Murray area since 2007. We are insured, professionally staffed and provide great service using quality products and the newest detailing techniques - including carpet/flooring replacement and acid washing for pontoons. We have all the required service/repair trailers to come get your boat. Combine acid washing and topside detailing for bundled discount. We take pride in the quality of our work and provide excellent customer service.

Buffing boat exterior

How M&W Gives You the Edge

We can do a TRIAGE AND SIMPLE REPAIRS ONSITE - anything major goes to the shop via our tow boat service.

WE HAVE ALL REQUIRED SERVICE/REPAIR TRAILERS - we don't need yours! or access to your storage yard.

EASY IN AND OUT PROCESS TO GET IN OUR QUEUE and get a work order created.

You don't need to be present for repairs. WE PICK AND DELIVER to and from your dock.

Annual Maintenance and Service
Changing oil

Don’t let an engine issue ruin your day of boating. By following some basic maintenance habits, you can avoid the most-common marine engine issues.

100 Hour/Annual Service:
  • Change oil and filter
  • Change gear lube in the lower unit
  • Change fuel filter(s) as equipped
  • Change water separating fuel filter if equipped
  • Change spark plugs
  • Grease steering and tilt fittings
  • Remove prop to grease shaft and inspect for fishing line

Some engines require expensive spark plugs and OEM only parts/oil - additional charges apply

How Billing Works
Credit card payment method

To reserve your spot in our queue leave a voicemail with name, cell phone number and description of the issue - we will text you back to confirm we have received your voicemail. Further details can be done via text messaging - this is our preferred method of communication after your initial voicemail.

We do not pick up your boat until we are ready to attack the job.

After the work is completed we send an email with invoice attached containing detailed notes on the work performed. The email has a link to pay online and enter your credit card information. This is our preferred method of payment.

We will buy your boat - Call for quote. 803-240-4394

M&W pontoon boat trailers

A Service Company that
Occasionaly Sells Boats.

M&W Mobile Marine is your Lake Murray expert resource for all types of boat services - from repairs and upgrades to annual maintenance to detailing. We are the only mobile business on the lake that is not a one man show. We are better/more convenient than a dealer service. No trailering! No neighbor giving you a ride back and forth for service.

Row of pontoon boats
N&W fleet of service vehicles